green box aba

Co-owners Carl Dzyak and Chris Richardson, in addition to Green Box employees Brian Burkhalter and Gabriel Maldonado, have known one another since early childhood and remained the best of friends growing up. While all living on the same street throughout their childhoods, they needed a central place to meet up within the neighborhood where they could hangout, relax, do what friends do, and be kids. This meeting point was established as the green electrical box that stood in the middle of the neighborhood. Carl, Chris, Brian, and Gabriel spent hours hanging around the “Green Box”, playing, laughing, learning, and growing up. Every day they would contact each other to say “meet at the Green Box in 5 minutes” as they looked forward to another neighborhood adventure.

Our History

Throughout the years, the Green Box became a symbol to all who lived in the neighborhood for the irreplaceable and remarkable friendship that was developed around it. It was a common occurrence for people to honk and wave as they drove past the box on the street or stop their daily activities to have a conversation with the best friends hanging out on the box. Eventually, the Green Box brought not only four best friends together, but also connected the entire community surrounding it. When searching for a name for the clinic that he was founding, Carl Dzyak could not think of a more fitting representation of what he hoped the clinic would accomplish for the individuals who it serviced and the surrounding community. Much as the neighborhood green box brought a community together and provided a place for children to dream, grow, and connect with the world around them, Green Box ABA takes pride in continuing this tradition. 

About ABA

Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) is a research based intervention used to teach appropriate behavior, while decreasing maladaptive behavior.  The methods are systematic and data driven to help ensure that the interventions are effective and relevant.  ABA can be applied to a myriad of behaviors and when implemented correctly, can lead to drastic improvement in the quality of life for the recipients of the therapy.  The interventions are generally conducted in the recipient's natural environment for faster behavior change and easier generalization. Based on the principles of operant conditioning described by B. F. Skinner, ABA has greatly evolved over the decades and continues to be one of the leading evidence based treatments for individuals on the autism spectrum.