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Volume 5. Issue 4. October 1, 2023

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What's New?

  • Did You Know that we have a “Lost and Found” at the office? If your child has office sessions and you think they may have left something behind, check the “Lost and Found,” which is located under the coffee area in the main lobby!

  • The results of the “What Did You Know About ABA?” survey have been analyzed and some of the results were unexpected! Interestingly, both those with no previous experience with ABA and those who had more than 5 years of previous experience reported having greater understanding of therapy logistics than families who had less than 5 years of previous experience. Understanding ABA therapy itself (how it works, what kinds of things it can address, etc.) was also related to previous experience, with those receiving services for more than 5 years reporting the greatest understanding of ABA. Unfortunately, those who had received some ABA therapy reported not having substantially more understanding than someone new to ABA therapy. Your results will be used to help tailor the onboarding experience for new families based on their previous experience with ABA therapy.  So, on behalf of new families, THANK YOU!

  • Don't forget to create you CentralReach Parent Portal account! Check your child's progress and graphs, communicate with your therapy team, and more!  

  • Having trouble creating the account? We can help. Call the office at 571-297-4308 or email Tamera at

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