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Meet the Team

Your child will spend a lot of time with their therapy team. Get to know them!


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Carl Dzyak, M.Ed., BCBA

Chief Executive Officer

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Christopher Richardson

Chief Operations Officer

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Barbara Kaminski, Ph.D., BCBA-D

Clinical Director

Each child's therapy is designed and supervised by their Behavior Analyst. A Board Certified Behavior Analyst (BCBA) has a master's degree, specialized training in applied behavior analysis, is certified through the Behavior Analyst Certification Board (BACB), and licensed (LBA) through the Virginia Board of Medicine. A Board Certified Assistant Behavior Analyst (BCaBA) has a bachelor's degree, specialized training in behavior analysis,  is certified as an assistant behavior analyst through the BACB, is a Virginia Licensed Assistant Behavior Analyst (LaBA), and received regular supervision by BCBA-level clinicians. Every clinician at Green Box ABA meets high clinical standards and adheres to the Ethics Code for Behavior Analysts (BACB, 2020). BCBA- and BCaBA-level clinicians supervise ongoing therapy delivered by Registered Behavior Technicians (RBT), who have completed rigorous, specialized training in behavior analysis and successfully passed a comprehensive examination administered by the BACB.

Our Clinical Team


My initial experience with special needs students at Fairfax County Therapeutic Recreation helped me realize the importance of behavioral intervention. It was clear that continuing my education in Special Education and specializing in Applied Behavior Analysis was the best way to realize my goal of helping children with special needs reach their potential.

Brian Burkhalter

BCBA, Clinical Supervisor​​


I wanted to do something to help people. I didn’t know what ABA was when I got my first job, but as I learned more, I became very interested in the science behind what we were doing. The science of ABA says “people can change!” and “people can learn things, even when it’s really difficult!” I thought that was a very positive message. Helping kids and families learn new skills and new ways to related to each other is very gratifying.

Kate Fox

BCBA, Clinical Supervisor​​


From an early age, I always knew I wanted to work with children. My interest in the special needs community began in elementary school when I was paired as a reading buddy with the special needs classroom. Having the opportunity to be an RBT allowed me to see lives transformed and how behavior intervention positively impacted not the client’s life but the family’s life. From there, I set out to become a BCBA!

Bryanna Jayne

BCBA, Clinical Supervisor​​


My son got diagnosed with autism in 2013. I realized I didn’t know anything about autism and behavior analysis. My child made tremendous strides with the support he got and I decided to change my field to learn more and empower myself, as well as to support the children and families facing the same challenges we did as a family.

Amna Hussain

BCBA, Clinical Supervisor​​


My younger brother has Down syndrome, and I knew from a young age that I wanted to work in this field. Every client and family is so different from each other but there’s still some level of connection you feel when you have a family member with a disability. It’s really neat being able to share that with others. There is nothing more exciting than seeing clients hit those milestones; milestones that a lot of other people may not understand the significance of. Every victory is incredible!

Eva Thorpe

BCBA, Clinical Supervisor​​

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I happened upon a job at Green Box ABA in my undergraduate years when looking for a part time job. It caught my interest that I would be able to help children and their families. I quickly fell in love with the job, getting to see first-hand the progress and increase in quality of life participating in this therapy gave to clients. I love that each client is unique and it’s a new journey with each kid.

Mary Sauter

BCBA, Clinical Supervisor​​

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My journey into ABA probably started in the 4th grade, but I was not aware of it at the time. My fourth grade teacher wrote this comment on my report card: "Dawn helped one particular student improve his homework record by reminding him to do each assignment and giving him praise when he did." Little did I know the prompting and positive reinforcement that I used with my fourth grade classmate would be just a few of the many behavior analytic principles I would use later in life to help others. I have been a special education teacher for 17 years, and I am still implementing behavior analytic principles within my lessons and classroom routines to help my students progress with their academic, social, behavior, and independent living goals. Being a behavior analyst allows me to bring another level of support in the classroom and in the clinic  to secure success for every child. 

Dawn Simpkins

BCBA, Clinical Supervisor​​


I started in ABA when I answered a part time job posting from the psychology department. A BCBA came out and trained me to work with one client and from there, I found out Mason had ABA courses and signed up. I quickly learned how incredible the science was and loved the idea that everyone's behavior has a cause and, to an extent, understandable. In practice, I love seeing families grow to understand each other more and become empowered with the knowledge to help their kids thrive. My goal as a consultant is to help translate the needs of my clients from their behaviors and help them find ways to achieve inclusion, progress, and connection. 

Thanh Kha


Our Registered Behavior Technicians







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