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Childs Pyschologist

Clinic-based Therapy

Therapy Designed to Meet Your Child's Unique Needs

After a behavior assessment, your behavior analyst will design a therapy plan to meet your child's needs. Every plan is unique. Our goal is to provide therapy that leads to meaningful changes in your child's life. 

Depending on your child's needs, their individualized therapy might include plans to:

  • Decrease behaviors of concern

  • Increase behavior management and emotional regulation

  • Increase language and communication skills

  • Improve social skills

  • Increase play skills

  • Establish foundational learning skills

Considering where your child will learn most effectively, therapy may take place at the clinic, in your home, or a combination of those settings.

In-home Therapy
May we come in?

Sometimes, challenging behavior is seen primarily at home. To teach skills using things and situations that the child has contact with on a daily basis, we offer therapy services delivered in-home, where the child feels most comfortable.

In-home therapy also means that behaviors and skills can be applied to real-life situations. Tools and strategies can be effectively taught to families so that learning continues outside of therapy sessions.

Therapy in the home means that therapy can make use of things and situations that the child has contact with on a daily basis.

Clinic-based Therapy
Come on in

Sometimes, home is a distracting or unpredictable environment, making it a challenge for your child to focus on therapy. As an alternative, we offer a safe, supportive clinic environment, where your child can learn new behaviors and skills that we can transfer to the home environment. 

During clinic-based therapy, your child has access to:

  • a wide variety of toys and therapy materials

  • opportunities to engage in social and play situations

  • quiet, individual spaces to work without distractions.

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