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Volume 6. Issue 1. January 1, 2024

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What's New?

  • TRICARE Operations Manual UpdateTRICARE dropped an update on 12/22/23. The most significant change is in the Exclusions section:   8.10.11. Services outside of the physical space of the home, clinic, office, school, or telehealth. This update was to clarify what constitutes the location and means that no services can be conducted outside of the physical space. Examples of outside the physical space would include such things as the playground (but would not include your own yard). 

  • Weather Cancellations. Weather cancellations or delays are posted on the website (, by 7am on days with inclement weather. We don’t use the same criteria as the school system (we don’t have to worry about buses, for example), so don’t assume that if schools have closed, that we are too!

  • Important Reminders. The beginning for the year is always a good time to remind you about our holiday cancellations, who to contact, and more!


  • Don't forget to create your CentralReach Parent Portal account! Check your child's progress and graphs, communicate with your therapy team, and more!  

  • Having trouble creating the account? We can help. Call the office at 571-297-4308 or email Tamera at

The 1st Annual End-of-the-Year RBT Awards

The RBTs cast their ballots and the results are in! We thought that you might like to know who won in each RBT-voted category!

  • Best at keeping the energy level high: Yasmin

  • Best at keeping calm, cool, and collected: Akosua & Emily (tie)

  • Tells the best jokes: Corey

  • Finds the best "kids" videos: Gaby

  • Most likely to keep their kid motivated: Zara

  • Thinks up the best craft ideas: Clara

  • Types their notes the fastest on their phone: Mags

  • Most likely to ask for feedback: Kathy

  • Always Down for a Good Board Game: Everyone

  • Never leaves a mess behind: Casey

  • Most likely to suggest a creative solution: Stephanie

  • Most likely to help out another therapist: Dee Dee & Ohud (tie)

  • Spends the most time on the playroom floor: Tamera

  • Makes everyone (staff & kids) smile: Nate


Blog: Kids Do Strange Things: Exploring Autism and Childhood Behaviors

mismatched socks.png

All kids do strange and weird things. Seriously. Kids are weirdos. Here are some stories that I have collected from staff about things they did as a kid….Read More

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